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Saddhana Tattwa

The science of seven cultures for quick evolution of the soul.

Sadhana- A means of accomplishing something, Tattwa-elements

Knowlwdge from Sri Swami Sivananda shared with love and gratitude

An ounce of practice is better than tons of theory.

Start with small changes, that improve your present habits and character.

Health Culture:

Eat moderately. Light and simple food. Offer it to Divine creation for Blessing before eating.

Eat a balanced diet. Decrease meat and stimulants.

Explore the benefits of Fasting.

Practise yogic asanas or physical exercises 30 min. daily, take a long walk or play your sport.

Energy Culture

Observe silence- 2hrs daily

Observe celibacy according to your age- Restrict to indulgence once a month- 1 a year-

Finally taking a vow of abstinence for whole life.

Ethical Culture

Speak the truth, speak little. Speak kindly, speak sweetly.

Do not injure anyone in thought, word or deed. Be kind to all.

Be sincere, straightforward and openhearted in your talks and dealings.

Be honest. Develop nobility and integrity.

Dissolve anger with serenity, patience, love mercy and tolerance. Forget and forgive. Become adaptable.

Will Culture

Curb addictions. Curtail your wants. Reduce your possessions. Have plain living and high thinking.

Heart Culture

Doing good to others is the highest religion-

Selfless service a few hours a week, without expectation or egoism. Work is worship. Dedicate it to Divine Creation.

Give to charity, share what you have with others. Let the world be your family. Remove selfishness.

Be humble to all beings mentally. Feel the Divine presence everywhere. Give up vanity, pride and hypocrisy.

Have unwavering faith in your God.

Total self surrender- "Thy will be done, I want nothing". Submit to the divine will in all events and happenings with equanimity.

See God in all beings, and love them as your own self.

Remember God at all times.

Psychic culture

Read Sacred texts daily. Honour our saints, teachers and gurus.

Spiritual Culture

Go to bed early.

Pray, practice pranayam, meditate, mantra, sing (kirtan) the names of god.

Make annual resolves.

Regularity, tenacity and fixity are essential.

Start your daily, spiritual diary.

Review it every month.

Reflect and correct.

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