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Death Doula &
Funeral Celebrant

  Supporting you and your loved ones with holistic funerals, ritual & ceremony, home vigils, assisting with end of life, planning conscious dying, end of life planning support.

I am an advocate for the positive death movement.

We can honour end of Life, dying and death, as a space in between stories, between who we were and who we are becoming, like the chrysalis stage between caterpillar and butterfly. A place of open-heartedness, when we are raw, vulnerable and exposed, held in a container of gentleness and strength, by those that love and care for you.

 I am a companion for the dying and their family.

I/We create and hold Sacred Space with the dying and their family, offering, emotional, spiritual and physical support. Providing the perfect passage and transition for the traveller. A Space full of Love and wholeness, honouring this precious part of the life cycle. Honouring and journeying with the traveller’s final wishes.



Honour those you love until the end.

 A Celebration of Life, tailored to the needs of the dying person and their family. Feel the Privilege of being there for the dying, in a loving, supportive environment.

Reclaiming the role of family, friends and community caring & sharing intimately with the dying, results in valued cherished memories, positive feelings and enables the grief process to unfold naturally. Family Contribution and Acceptance supports a healthy grieving process. We become a team, all comforted in this common purpose. Knowing and making an everlasting contribution to the deceased. Vigils allow time for adjustment and provides an intimate, reflective setting for spiritual acceptance, prayer, & blessings. 


All Rituals designed and tailored to individual and family desires & needs.



Available In the home, hospital & community, within the region of Northern NSW from Grafton to Bellingen to Macksville.




When it suits you.  One off visit, weekly visits, end of Life,  Time of death, Overnight support etc. Whatever you need...

 Affordable Death Care


Prices will vary, as all experiences are unique. Please contact me for specific pricing.

Facing death and living life more fully is the essence of life.
Skip through the journey of death,
‘How you die, lives on in the minds of everyone who lives, and is what can hold the family together.’

Death is the unfolding of consciousness. Gracefully letting go. Falling away of identities into the part of you, that does not die.


Everything changes over time. Change is the only constant, and yet we relate to death like it’s the end of something. 

Utilize the dying process as an opportunity to become more present and loving. It’s an opportunity for profound healing, spiritual awareness and awakening. 

Of course you don't die. Nobody dies. Death doesn't exist. You only reach a new level of vision, a new realm of consciousness, a new unknown world.
Henry Miller
Life’s Treasures - Beauty is within
  • Respect yourself and all living creatures.

  • Listen and hear.

  • Live in the moment, every day.

  • Decide what matters most to you.

  • Follow your dreams and passions, so long as you respect the relationships that matter. 

  • Be kind to others – and to yourself. 

  • Believe in love and peace. 

  • Feel as deep as the Earth and shine as bright as the sun.

  • Feel pain and step through it.

  • Only take responsibility for your own beliefs, actions and words, and don’t impose them on others.

  • Meet life’s challenges head on.

  • Cry when you need to.

  • Embrace grief as part of life.

  • Laugh openly.

  • The enemy is not death. The enemy is a failure to spread your wings and to recognise how amazing life is, and then to live it.

For life and death are one,
even as the river and the sea are one.
Kahlil Gibran
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