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Let your life & Death Be your Own

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

The value of your life is between birth and death.

What is a death Doula? What do they do?

Doula- comes from the ancient Greek, meaning Woman’s servant.

Just as a birth Doula is there for the birthing mother, a death Doula is there for the dying person.

Caring with great sensitivity.

Death Doula's Hold space…They walk willingly alongside another person in whatever journey they’re on, without judgement, & with an open heart. Offering unconditional support and honouring the entire passage.

Holding space, is the creation of a container of safety and support. Like an empty bowl, just holding space.

Death Doula's also fill the gaps, and pull all threads together to assist with meaningful passings and heartfilled memories, creating the beautiful fabric called life.

Everything changes over time.

Our views, our society, our own beliefs and attitudes. Change is the only constant and yet we relate to death like it's the end of something.

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